Unlock Unstructured Data

DataScava turns unstructured data into industry-specific information you can act on. Unlike Natural Language Processing solutions, our proprietary technology works with the unique language of your business instead of general linguistic and semantic libraries. We use a purely digital approach you can see, control and measure that is more targeted and specific to your business strategies.

DataScava’s Non-Semantic Solutions Index is particularly critical to the explosive growth of unstructured data. By 2022, more than 90 percent of the world’s online data will be comprised of  emails, business reports, research papers, user comments on web sites—all written in different styles, all using common terms whose meaning differs from sector to sector.

Our patented technology converts raw text into millions of usable data points and verifiable results that are more precise than the output of semantic, predictive and Boolean systems. DataScava works alone or with traditional AI systems to help you confront some of today’s most pressing problems with greater accuracy, speed and context.

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