Structure Your Data

Data volume is set to increase 800% over the next five years. By 2022, 93% of data in the digital universe will be unstructured. But unstructured data is useless if you can’t find it and search it. DataScava unlocks its value and provides strategic and actionable insights for your business.

DataScava’s non-semantic solutions index, quantify and compare text-heavy unstructured data using a purely digital white-box approach, business domain intelligence and machine training, based on criteria you control, not a black box that’s hidden and hard-coded.

Built upon U.S. Patents in “Profile Matching of Unstructured Data,” DataScava converts unstructured data into millions of usable data points and verifiable results that are more accurate than Semantic, Predictive and Boolean.

Proprietary algorithms and a customizable search engine, with user-defined thresholds in all topics of interest, bring precise results right to the top using your nomenclature. DataScava has powered TalentBrowser, industry’s only Skills Analytics and Job Matching platform, for a decade.

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