DataScava unlocks the value of unstructured data using your unique business jargon, not the broad, generalized linguistic and semantic libraries used today in Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions, which tend to be shallow within a given business discipline.

Our proprietary parser and customizable search engine index, quantify, analyze and compare unstructured data to your specifications so you can gain insights, visibility and make business decisions that correspond directly to what your data is telling you.

DataScava Solutions

DataParser, DataIndexer, DataScorer and DataMatcher convert text-heavy unstructured data into structured data, translating it into millions of usable datapoints and delivering verifiable results, fast.

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Patented Search Engine

DataScava excels in “Navigational Search,” where the goal is to navigate to a particular intended document, unlike “Semantic Search,” which according to Guha, creator of Google Custom Search, is not applicable.

Here’s why

Set The Bar

DataScava lets users segment all topics of interest and set minimum thresholds that may be ratcheted up or down to efficiently match, prioritize, rank and sort results.

It provides time-sensitive quantified text analytics, percentile rankings, editable taxonomies and “not” capability for precise drill-down.

Open Architecture

DataScava is available as a standalone product or to work with your existing business applications to enhance their capabilities.

An open architecture makes it simple to connect and share data via SQL or REST API in an event-driven model.  The platform is highly customizable and your unique needs.

During the setup process, you identify the primary free-form inputs to the system (i.e, business reports, reference data, surveys, prospectuses, news, journals, research) and outputs of data for use in other platforms.

Value Grows As You Use It

The value of your system grows as you use it, providing an opportunity to build on prior knowledge automatically.

Over time, this accumulated knowledge and proprietary, industry-specific jargon reside in your solution, so new users can take advantage of this intelligence from day one, and junior team members learn just by using the system.


DataScava powers TalentBrowser, industry’s only Skills Analytics and Job Matching technology used to recruit highly specialized professionals for Wall Street, the Fortune 1000 and hi-tech firms for over ten years.

TalentBrowser parses, indexes, and quantifies the unstructured data on resumes and professional profiles, converting it to structured data about skills, experience and other datapoints for use by Professional Services, Staffing Firms and Employers.

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