DataScava’s proprietary parser and customizable search engine index, quantify, analyze and compare unstructured data so you can gain insights and make business decisions that are more accurately informed.

There’s no “black box” in our approach.Through our simple interface, users themselves define the significance of all topics of interest and adjust them on the fly as needs arise.

Our customizable search engine, coupled with our unique methodology called “Weighted Topic Scoring,” uses your distinct business terminology to locate precise results, recognizing domain-specific language — your industry jargon — to unlock the value of unstructured data.

Instead of relying on the general, relatively shallow vocabularies of AI systems, you’ll gain insights and make decisions based on the data that’s most appropriate to the specific needs of your market, your industry and your company.

Our Tools

Built upon our U.S. patents in “Profile Matching of Unstructured Data,” DataParser, DataIndexer, DataScorer and DataMatcher convert text-heavy unstructured information into precisely structured data, then translate it into millions of usable data points and deliver verifiable results—fast.

Our tools focus on “navigational” search, seeking a path to the specific documents you need, rather than “research” search, which aims to identify a wider set of references that software deems relevant to the user’s intent (

They also provide time-sensitive quantified text analytics, percentile rankings, editable taxonomies and “not” capability that allows for precise drill-downs.

In addition, DataScava’s open architecture makes it simple to connect and share data via SQL or, in event-driven models, the REST API. Whether used as a standalone product or integrated with your existing business applications, the platform is highly customizable.

From the day you begin, data sources you designate are accumulated in the data store, to be indexed and re-indexed as you adjust and improve the model you use. Users identify the principal free-form inputs for the system—such as business reports, reference data, surveys, news, journals or research papers—and also the desired outputs of data for use in other platforms.

Over time, the system builds on the history of your organization’s use to increase its domain knowledge. That means new users can take advantage of the most up-to-date intelligence, and even use the system as a learning tool.

Real Business Solutions

DataScava was designed to provide businesses with fast, effective solutions for leveraging the digital world’s increasing scope of unstructured data. By some estimates, more than 90 percent of the world’s digital information will be unstructured by 2022. If your company isn’t ready to face that challenge, its business can’t help but fall behind.

Fortunately, our tools can be applied to a variety of applications: They collate and filter news alerts in real time to keep you on top of industry developments; analyze social-media messages, internal emails and other public sources to identify security threats; and highlight events that will impact investment and trading strategies so financial managers can execute their plans with precise information and timing.

And DataScava’s story is backed by real results: its technology powers TalentBrowser, the recruiting industry’s only application of skills analytics to job matching. For more than a decade, management consultants, financial firms, sourcing companies and others have relied on TalentBrowser to identify exceptional talent within both internal and external talent pools, delivering precise results to specific needs.

The bottom line: DataScava lets you identify and analyze the information you need—the information that matches your requirements, and your requirements alone. It builds a knowledge base that grows continually and can be applied to functions throughout your organization. As data’s role in your success grows, DataScava’s capabilities grow along with it.