Busting A Buzzword: Semantic Search

By Katrina Kibben – DataScava’s non-semantic search was featured in a piece by the renowned RecruitingTools news blog.

“What we really need, and I only know one company that does this (shout out to TalentBrowser, powered by DataScava, and founders Janet Dwyer and John Harney) is a completely customizable white box ‘profile’ search built on input and personalized rules that you the user control, not a black box semantic search engine that thinks it knows what you ‘really mean.’ Profile search allows you to specify many individual topics in a search, with thresholds (minimums) to be met by each topic. This twofold process bubbles the best candidates right to the top.”

Here’s the full report http://recruitingtools.com/semantic-search/

How We Do It

Our team works with your organization to define what you need and redefine it as necessary. We locate precisely where it is and transform it as required, store it and index it.  Then we quantify its depth and categorize it by type. We show you how to prioritize it on-the-fly so you can gain insights and visibility to improve decision-making and support the demands of your business.

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