Skills Analytics, Domain-Specific Search, and Talent Matching 

Just as each person has a unique fingerprint, their resume and professional profile differ from others.

TalentBrowser’s Skills Analytics and Domain-Specific Search algorithms index, mine, and measure the raw contents on individual resumes and professional profiles to generate millions of weighted topic scores and other metadata about each person’s skills, experience, education, and more for use in Talent Matching and other initiatives.

Our tools can be shaped and molded to fit each organization’s unique data universe and problem space. They help you get the most from your resumes and professional profiles — whether from previously-sourced candidates, new applicants, talent pools, referrals, or existing hires — using criteria users can see, create, control, and refine on an ongoing basis.

Powered by DataScava

TalentBrowser’s customizable search engine and indexer are powered by DataScava’s unstructured text data mining technology. Our solution is available as a standalone system or works automatically behind the scenes with your career site, ATS, job boards, databases, talent sources, business intelligence tools, and other solutions.

Companies in every industry must quickly and efficiently identify talent with the right skills, knowledge, and experience to gain a competitive edge. TalentBrowser provides that edge.

How We Do It

Our Domain-Specific Language Processing (DSLP), patented Weighted Topic Scoring (WTS), and Tailored Topics Taxonomies (TTT) enable companies to quickly and efficiently target, capture, and measure information from individual resumes and professional profiles and match people across all jobs 24/7.

Skills Analytics

Just as each person has a unique fingerprint, resumes and professional profiles show their skills, experience, job roles, education, and more. Our Skills Analytics algorithms generate millions of weighted topic scores and other metadata— about each person’s skills, experience, education, and more —  so you can draw insights about the talent you already have or hope to hire.


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Domain-Specific Search

Our system uses proprietary Domain-Specific Language Processing (DSLP) and user-defined Tailored Topics Taxonomies (TTT) that you can select, create, edit and refine on the fly to mine information about individual resumes and professional profiles.


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Talent Matching

Talent Matching uses patented Weighted Topic Scoring (WTS) that you control and define to search, filter, and match all of your resumes and professional profiles, from previously-sourced candidates, talent pools, new applicants, referrals, and existing hires across all open jobs, and filters out people who don’t meet your minimum requirements.

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Applicant Tracking System

TalentBrowser’s standalone Application Tracking System with automated Skills Analytics, Domain-Specific  Search, and Talent Matching can integrate seamlessly with your existing talent solutions and business intelligence tools.


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