“DataScava perfectly complements existing approaches to unlocking the value of unstructured text data – by helping companies to model higher-level intents and purposes behind the labeling and classification of data – by capturing the abstract topics and themes that represent their own business and subject matter expertise – and by applying both to big data sets real-time.”
– Scott Spangler, Chief Data Scientist and IBM Distinguished Engineer

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It’s for Data Professionals, Business People and Programmers

Our proprietary Domain-Specific Language Processing (DSLP) and Weighted Topic Scoring (WTS) work as an alternative or adjunct to NLP. 

Make your raw text data more accessible and actionable with user-defined topics that produce precise results you can see, control and measure.

Mine data 24/7 from databases, subscription-based feeds, emails and other sources based on content, intent and your areas of interests.

Get the most out of unstructured data so you can make better business decisions while keeping the humans in command.

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7 Ways Text Mining with DataScava is Different

  1. It uses Domain-Specific Language Processing and Weighted Topic Scoring.
  2. Ensures data quality is high to reduce the risk of suggested actions.
  3. Works top-down through your entire corpus at the file level, not at the sentence level.
  4. Measures raw text, highlights content in on-topic files and eliminates irrelevant ones.
  5. Summarizes textual content in a usable, numerical form for routing or to trigger an action.
  6. It doesn’t infer what you’re looking for, it finds what you ARE looking for.
  7. Encapsulates your business language, jargon and acronyms in your software.

Surface Relevant Information Faster

DataScava mines your data around the clock and continually refines its capabilities in a measurable way at the direction of users. Ease of use and transparency enable collaboration between non-technical and technical people, providing and a rapid path to efficiency.

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