Mine Unstructured Data With Weighted Topic Scoring

DataScava is for Business Users, Data Professionals and Software Engineers. It mines unstructured textual data using patented Weighted Topic Scoring and domain-specific criteria you can see, control and measure.

Ease of use and transparency make DataScava accessible to both technical and non-technical people, enabling cross-discipline collaboration and a rapid path to efficiency and productivity. It works on its own or with data-driven systems.

With DataScava, you can . . . 

  • Create highly precise unstructured textual data searches.
  • Curate the most relevant documents from large data sets.
  • Automate time-consuming data mining tasks.
  • Reduce risk of AI/Machine Learning suggested actions.
  • Filter input to AI/Machine Learning and measure output.

If you strive for excellence in any of these areas . . . read on.

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