DataScava is an Unstructured Data Miner for Data, Business, and IT teams

Get the high-value data you need for use with applications in AI, ML, RPA, BI, Research, Operations, Talent, and more. Curate, search, filter, match, and route raw unstructured text using your business language, domain-specific expertise, and our patented technology you control.

“DataScava perfectly complements existing approaches to unlocking the value of unstructured text data – by helping companies to model higher-level intents and purposes behind the labeling and classification of data – by capturing the abstract topics and themes that represent their own business and subject matter expertise – and by applying both to big data sets real-time.”

– Scott Spangler, Chief Data Scientist, IBM Distinguished Engineer, Author
Mining the Talk: Unlocking the Business Value in Unstructured Information”

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Mine Raw Text Data Using Your Business and Domain-Specific Language

 Mine unstructured and semi-structured text — from documents, databases, emails, helpdesk tickets, contracts, reports, articles, transcripts, chats, subscriptions, filings, forms, resumes, surveys, notes, and other sources —  based on intents, interests, priorities, relevance, and more.

Our Domain-Specific Language Processing (DSLP), Weighted Topic Scoring (WTS), and Tailored Topics Taxonomies (TTT) methodologies work as an alternative or adjunct to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU)They generate metadata about unstructured text for use in other systems and charting, with results you can see and measure.

DataScava helps you model and capture features and topics within heterogeneous text using specialized taxonomies you can edit, create, import, and control to capture your business and domain expertise, allowing for the highly customized vocabulary and specific business logic necessary for complex document processing. 

How DataScava is Different

It does not INFER what you’re looking for, it finds what you ARE looking for.

Works top-down through your ENTIRE corpus at the file level, not the sentence level.

Uses your BUSINESS and DOMAIN language, not NLP, NLU, or semantics.

Generates sortable taxonomy topic scores METADATA to summarize content in a numerical format.

Measures color-coded topics, HIGHLIGHTS key terms in on-topic files, and eliminates irrelevant files.

Provides AUDITABLE corpus-level statistics that are explainable, transparent, and provable.

Encapsulates your SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTISE and business nomenclature in your software.

Makes UNSTRUCTURED TEXT DATA more accessible and actionable.

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