Mine Unstructured Data Using Your Business Language

DataScava mines large unstructured data sets to curate the most relevant documents for use in AI/Machine Learning, prediction engines, business analytics and production systems. It works on its own or with other data-driven solutions.

It provides highly precise results you can see, control and measure using Domain-Specific Language Processing and patented Weighted Topic Scoring  customized to your business.

DataScava is for Business Users, Data Professionals and Software Engineers. You don’t have to be a Data Scientist to use it, but you can be. Ease of use and transparency make it accessible to technical and non-technical people, enabling collaboration and a rapid path to efficiency.

With DataScava, You Can . . . 

  • Create finely-tuned unstructured textual data searches and automate time-consuming data mining tasks.
  • Filter input to AI/Machine Learning, measure output and reduce the risk of their suggested actions.
  • Encapsulate your business language in software so you can make business decisions that correspond to what your data is telling you.

How We’re Different . . . 

  • We use Human Intelligence, not Artificial Intelligence.
  • Machine Training, not Machine Learning.
  • A white box approach, not generalized Semantics or Natural Language Processing.

DataScava doesn’t infer what you’re looking for. With DataScava, you get what you ARE looking for.

If You Strive For Excellence In These Areas . . . 

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