DataScava and Business Intelligence

DataScava represents a brand-new way of thinking about unstructured text data and Business Intelligence. It fits right into your existing BI tool-set and takes very little training to get started.

We have commissioned a series of articles  written by Scott Spangler, former IBM Watson Health Researcher, Chief Data Scientist, and author of the bookMining the Talk: Unlocking the Business Value in Unstructured Information.”  In the series, Scott discusses how and why DataScava’s patented precise approach to mining unstructured text data perfectly complements real-world big data applications in AI, ML, RPA, BI, Research, Operations, Talent, and more. In addition, he contrasts our proprietary Domain-Specific Language Processing (DSLP), Weighted Topic Scoring (WTS), and Tailored Topics Taxonomies (TTT) with today’s commonly used methods such as Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding .

In this second article of the series, “The Key Ingredients for Game-Changing BI from Unstructured Data,” Scott discusses:

  • The importance of fully utilizing unstructured data in BI analytics.
  • An overview of the most common current approaches to analyzing unstructured information in BI — Machine Learning, Generic Taxonomies, and Text Mining — highlighting the specific drawbacks of each.
  • The importance of subject matter expert-driven taxonomies.
  • How DataScava can be used to build and deploy these taxonomies at scale and mine unstructured data to maximize business value.

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Our Patented Approach


Domain-Specific Language Processing (DSLP)



Weighted Topic Scoring (WTS)


Tailored Topics Taxonomies (TTS)





Taxonomies for Financial and IT Domains



Taxonomies for Talent Mining and Skills Analytics