DataScava powers TalentBrowser, Automated Job Matching, Skills Assessment and Non-Semantic Search technology used to recruit highly specialized professionals for Wall Street, the Fortune 500, hgh-tech and other firms for over ten years. The system parses, indexes quantifies and matches resumes and profiles to jobs automatically.

Here is a sample of our client testimonials and case studies:

Professional Services

Gartland & Mellina Group (GMG), New York, NY, CEO Albert J. Mellina states:

“Our firm is a management consulting company.  Our goal is to support Financial Services clients with experienced, industry knowledgeable consultants who can get the job done.  TalentBrowser enables us to find, qualify and position the right resources, for the right opportunity at the right time.

Through the use of this product, we have positioned the right, seasoned consultants for projects at our clients including Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank.  The skill sets needed were articulated by our Engagement Managers and the staff was identified by searching TalentBrowser not only for the specific requirements, but also their availability, location, reporting partner.  In some cases the right individual was currently engaged at another client.

TalentBrowser enabled us to immediately identify this fact thereby allowing our partners to either continue the search or negotiate a workable solution for all parties. This product has enabled us to replace our resource managers (lower cost), place the decision-making in the hands of our partners (they now have all the facts), and respond to clients in a faster, more efficient manner (increase revenue).  We highly recommend TalentBrowser for any Professional Services Firm.”

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Executive Search

Exclusive Search Connections, Wilmington, DE, CEO Kevin Cameron MBA, PHR, CIR states:

“The war on Talent requires a plan, entering the battle with a job description and recruiting experience will provide a firm foothold in the middle of the pack.  To win the battles you need every advantage.  When Exclusive Search Connections launched the future of planning for successful talent attraction, TalentBuild, we chose TalentBrowser’s patented candidate job matching technology to help successfully match candidates across a diverse set of industries and functions, streamlining our processes and ensuring exceptional alignment with our clients.

With TalentBrowser, we are able to systematically evaluate candidate backgrounds against skill requirements and set the bar on key skills and experience.  TalentBrowser and their leadership team have been an integral part of our immediate success not only in helping match skill sets and candidate, their customer focus is exceptional, lending the perspective of not only software capabilities but also industry experience and expertise.”

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I.T. and Financial Staffing

Integretech, New York, NY, CEO Janet Dwyer states:

“With TalentBrowser, we are able to quickly identify a shortlist of top candidates for highly technical Wall Street I.T. roles that frequently also require investment banking and trading system experience from the front to back office in Fixed Income, Equities, Derivatives and other asset classes.  TalentBrowser’s Resume Analytics and Talent Matching allow us to find the right talent to fill client openings from our database of over 200,000 previously sourced candidates who are thrilled with our ability to reach back out with jobs that are a strong fit.

As new technologies or financial instruments come to the market, we are able to update our Thesaurus of matching terms on the fly, and have TalentBrowser automatically rescore and match our entire candidate database real-time 24/7.”

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TechTrak, Morrow, OH, CEO Maureen Sharib states:

“After all the claims that all the talent has been found look at where we still are – top talent is still hard to find! Not only is it still hard to find – it’s harder to find than ever and it’s more elusive and skittish and doubtful than it’s ever been before. TechTrak’s focus is to find that talent (in some cases – re-finding it!) and befriending it and keeping it befriended for the years to come.

“TalentBrowser centralizes all talent data, and provides TechTrak with the best of both worlds: our own SQL Server database in the cloud and the ability to work with Excel, our tool of choice for capturing sourced candidate data real-time while on the phone. We can subsequently ‘re-up’ and renew talent data at the field level by simply forwarding updated Excel spreadsheets to our system.

In addition, resumes may be subsequently emailed to the system, by our team or our candidates, for automatic import to their profile. Having all candidate data in one place and accessible to our team from anywhere has significantly maximized our efficiency.

“With TalentBrowser, we don’t have to choose one technology over the other. We can work with the tools we need, when we need them, while on the old-fashioned telephone, still the best tool available to connect with the truly passive candidate. We highly recommend TalentBrowser.”

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